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Wokorach asks Uganda to focus on Sevens
By Raga House | Mon 29 Jun, 2020 18:41

Uganda’s Michael Wokorach is advising his home union to pay more attention to Sevens Rugby.

The Sevens captain believes if Uganda is to be recognized in the game on the global stage, it will be through sevens.

Wokorach exclusively spoke to Uganda Sports News outlet Kawowo Sports on Monday.

“I would definitely say sevens. This the shortcode of rugby and this is something easy to fund because there are not so many players.

“Over the years you have seen the success that the sevens have brought about. We have gone to the World Cup, Commonwealth, and most-watched Sevens in Hong Kong.

“If only the Rugby Union could choose which one will take them places, I think it’s definitely the sevens because it has had more exposure, more success over the years and it’s something that could take Uganda to the next level,” he said.

-Material derived from Kawowo Sports

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