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Stanbic 7s: Why Mwamba have to beat Homeboyz
By Eric Njiru | Sat 07 Sep, 2019 14:54

Mwamba could be out of Stanbic 7s series chase as early as 5pm on Saturday may they fail to reach Driftwood 7s cup quarters.

Mwamba lost 19-17 to Kabras in the second game after beating Mean Machine 27-12 earlier on the day meaning they'll be required to beat Homeboyz to go through.

Homeboyz are also in a fix as they'll be required to win to go through after being held to a 14-14 draw by Machine. With Kabras also win one win, they are also in the race for cup quarters from pool D.

By reaching cup quarters KCB are assured of at least 10 points meaning they already have 104. May Mwamba not go through, they'll earn a maximum of 8 points if they win Challenge trophy to put them 102.

Top Fry Nakuru remain in contention but will also be required to beat Menengai Oilers at 3.40pm after beating Mombasa 28-0 and suffering a 5-7 defeat to Blad.

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Pool A: MMUST v Kenya Harlequin 17-31
Pool A: KCB v Administration Police 36-0
Pool B: Menengai Oliers v Blak Bad 7-10
Pool B: Top Fry Nakuru v Mombasa 28-0
Pool C: Nondescripts v Strathmore Leos 26-7
Pool C: Resolution Impala Saracens v Northern Suburbs 14-17
Pool D: Menengai Cream Homeboyz v Kabras Sugar 22-5
Pool D: Stanbic Mwamba v Mean Machine 27-12

Pool A: MMUST v Administration Police 14-8
Pool A: KCB v Kenya Harlequin 31-0
Pool B: Menengai Oilers v Mombasa 14-10
Pool B: Top Fry Nakuru v Blak Blad 5-7
Pool C: Nondescripts v Northern Suburbs 12-7
Pool C: Resolution Impala Saracens v Strathmore Leos 21-10
Pool D: Menengai Cream Homeboyz v Mean Machine 14-14
Pool D: Stanbic Mwamba v Kabras Sugar 17-19

Pool A: Kenya Harlequin v Administration Police 1440
Pool A: KCB v MMUST 1500
Pool B: Blak Blad v Mombasa 1520
Pool B: Top Fry Nakuru v Menengai Oilers 1540
Pool C: Strathmore Leos v Northern Suburbs 1600
Pool C: Resolution Impala Saracens v Nondescripts 1620
Pool D: Kabras Sugar v Mean Machine 1640
Pool D: Stanbic Mwamba v Menengai Cream Homeboyz 1700

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