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Stanbic 7s: Impala squad for Dala 7s named
By Eric Njiru | Thu 08 Aug, 2019 18:28

Impala Saracens make up to four changes to the squad to play at the third leg of the Stanbic 7s, Dala 7s on Saturday, August 10, 2019, in Kisumu.

Daniel Dindi and Eric Kerre miss out the trip to Dala on a tactical basis while Paul Mutsami and Emmanuel Okeya are out due to knocks according to the Ngong road side. 

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The four are replaced by Harritone Munai, Elkeans Musonye, Robin Kipling' at, Billy Omondi and Samuel Motari. Musonye and Omondi rejoin the squad from the Kenya Simbas squad that returned this week from Zimbabwe for Victoria Cup.

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Impala Saracens are in pool A that has Northern Suburbs, Kabeberi 7s champions Stanbic Mwamba and hosts Kisumu RFC. They'll open the campaign at 9 am against Suburbs with their second match set for 12.10pm against Stanbic Mwamba and finally against Kisumu RFC at 2.40pm.  

Impala Saracens:
1.Harritone Munai 2.Jeremy Griffins 3.Elkeans Musonye 4.Robin Kipling' at 5.Mark Kwemoi 6.Israel Soi 7.Timothy Makiya 8.Ismael Mokaya 9.Alvin Marube 10.Billy Omondi  11.Samuel Motari 12.Sammy Kimakwa 13.Xavier Bett 

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