Road to Japan: Africa qualifiers schedule
By Eric Njiru | Thu 30 Nov, 2017 09:53

The 2018 Africa Gold Cup will run for a span of one month as teams seek to qualify for the 2019 Rugby World Cup to be held in Japan.

Morocco has been promoted to Africa 1A replacing Senegal who were relegated in 2017.

The Gold Cup winner will get a direct ticket to Japan with second-placed going to global repechage. Both the winner and repechage are pooled in pool B with World champions New Zealand, South Africa and Italy.

On the first round of matches on June 16, Zimbabwe will host Morocco as Uganda heads to Namibia.

Kenya Simbas will be in action on match day two on June 23 when they will head to Morocco as Namibia hosts Tunisia for the second year in a row.

Match day three will see Zimbabwe travel to Kenya and Namibia heads to Morocco.

There will be a one month break before matches resume on July 7 when Kenya hosts Uganda and Tunisia welcomes Zimbabwe.

The Africa Gold Cup will conclude on August 18 with all six teams in action, Uganda entertains Zimbabwe, Kenya heads to Namibia and Tunisia hosts Morocco.

The Rugby Africa Gold Cup rankings follow a points system (win, tie, loss and bonus points) with other criteria in case of two or three-way ties. The winner is, in any case, the team who scores the most at the end of the tournament. 

There is no final match to determine the champion, so the suspense builds regarding the final ranking of all the teams until the final second of the last match.

Namibia represented Africa at the 2015 Rugby World Cup after finishing top in the 2014 edition of CAR.

Rugby Africa Gold Cup Fixtures
16 June 2018
Zimbabwe v Morocco
Namibia v Uganda 

23 June 2018
Namibia v Tunisia
Morocco v Kenya

30 June 2018
Kenya v Zimbabwe
Morocco v Namibia

7 July 2018
Kenya v Uganda
Tunisia v Zimbabwe 

4 August 2018
Uganda v Tunisia
Zimbabwe v Namibia 

11 August 2018
Uganda v Morocco
Kenya v Tunisia

18 August 2018
Uganda v Zimbabwe
Namibia v Kenya
Tunisia v Morocco

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