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Ombachi, Ambaka speak on issues affecting Kenya 7s
By Raga House | Fri 24 May, 2019 12:38

Dennis Ombachi and Willy Ambaka have moved to their word out there as far as Kenya 7s contracts and ‘hard times’ are concerned.

Both Ombachi and Ambaka were in the Kenya 7s team that went to Rio Olympics in 2016 as well as won Singapore 7s in 2016. Ombachi in particular scored a last minute try against Zimbabwe in 2015 to send Kenya to Rio. 

However, the situation is now different and for the first time a player has come out to speak on the issues between Kenya 7s and their employer Kenya Rugby Union (KRU).

“Tune in Kesho support Kenya 7s as we battle relegation, it didn't have to get here, it could have been avoided, we are not entitled s##ts as the bloggers they paid to write so about us, we go months with unpaid rent, I will tell you the whole story once I finish cooking my salmon,” Ombachi tweeted on Friday at 9.01am.

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Ombachi, who is currently in Russia while Kenya 7s in London, continued by saying: “I am even ashamed to say I represented Kenya in the Olympics here, I will tell you what Russia does to its Olympians just for going there, sisi pesa yetu waliiba na waka kula yote(for us, they stole our money and ate it).

“I am saying this because I was part of the system this season before walking away, we deserve what´s coming our way.”

“I was even called and told to accept better pay than the juniors, we all were actually, 4 times more, but this time we stood our ground.”

“How the f### do you expect someone playing for the national team to earn 28k a month?”

“Wait, also tribalism is the main reason we don't have the best s&c coach in Kenya, to hell with that container on Ngong road with their silly PR stunts, they will come for me, I am waiting.”

“I will be back soon broke as I left having represented Kenya for over 10 years in the world stage, its now sinking in how unappreciated we are back home, and no I never wasted my earnings, its just enough to survive. KNOW YOUR WORTH.”

His tweets were then quoted by Ambaka who also tweeted a number of photos to show the sorry state of the Kenya 7s gym at RFUEA.

“I mean it’s sad traveling and living in all the 5star hotels and coming back home to a locked house because you haven’t paid rent, I mean how do you expect results with this kind of environment??,” asked Ambaka at 11.48am on Friday

“The world suffers a lot not because of the violence of bad people, but because of silence of good people. I stand with my brother Ombachi. It’s sad what players go through year in year out. All we asked for is respect and good working conditions.”

“When calling players names or saying the are no good have (these images) in your head. You may choose to look the other way but you can NEVER say you didn’t know. Respect sportsmen and women.”

“When you’ve had a taste of excellence you cannot go back to mediocrity. Kenya is a gold mine for talent but it’s sad how we nature it.”

“We have always performed with little, can you imagine the results if we had things running as they should be?? Anyway Hio itabaki kwa imagination tuu(that will remain being imaginations),” concluded Ambaka at 12.26pm.

Ambaka has not played for Kenya 7s this season, due to the alleged contract disagreements with Kenya Rugby Union, and has represented Kenya Harlequin in the Kenya Cup before his season was ended prematurely by an injury.

Ombachi on the other side played in the opening stages of the 2019 series before pulling out. He’s yet to play for his club Nondies this season.  

If relegated, a team has to go through regional sevens tournaments then head to Hong Kong 7s for the qualifying tournament featuring champions and runners up from other continents where only one team qualifies for the series.

Ahead of Saturday’s London 7s, Kenya 7s sits 13th with 26 points, one above Wales while Japan occupies the red zone, the last and relegation spot with 22 points. 

Kenya 7s is grouped alongside Fiji (12.36pm), Samoa (3.20pm) and France (6.26pm) as Wales prepare to play Australia, USA and Spain. Japan will face South Africa Argentina and Canada.

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