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'Kenya 7s players to be paid by Monday'
By Eric Njiru | Sat 09 Jun, 2018 19:40

Brand Kenya has released a statement concerning the state of the contract between them and Kenya Rugby Union/Kenya 7s. 

On Saturday, Kenya 7s competed at Paris 7s without 'Make it Kenya' on their shirts leading to questions on what happened to the deal that was signed days to London 7s.

On the statement released on Saturday evening, minutes before Kenya 7s played Samoa in the last pool match at Paris 7s, Brand Kenya said: 

"The board confirms payment of agreed partnership funds to Kenya Rugby Union in accordance with the contract and remains committed to supporting the team that is now the official global ambassadors for the entire country."

"Kenya Rugby Union is working round the clock to ensure that each player gets paid by Monday."

The Kenya 7s is likely to arrive in Nairobi on Tuesday morning. 

The statement was signed by Joanne Wanjala.

At London 7s last week, they had the 'Make it Kenya' shirts but that was not seen during their first game at Paris 7s on Saturday against New Zealand and the second game against Fiji. 

Chris Diaz, who sits at the Brand Kenya board of directors told RagaHouse that 'they paid everything to KRU'.

"We paid KRU. It's KRU and the team to sort." 

Sources close to KRU told us that there was an agreement between playing unit and Brand Kenya to pay them Ksh100,000 each for a photo-shoot they went before London 7s. 

No statement had been released by Kenya Rugby Union as at 7.41pm on Saturday. 

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