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KCB, Strathmore set up Driftwood 7s quarters
By Raga House | Sat 18 Jun, 2022 14:02

Series leaders KCB and Strathmore Leos will square out in the quarterfinals of the Driftwood 7s on Sunday June 19, 2022 at the Mombasa Sports Club.

KCB won Kabeberi 7s with Leos taking home Christie 7s to tie on points heading to Mombasa. They will meet at 10.40am on Sunday. The bankers started day one in Mombasa with a 51-0 win over Jumia Pirates, followed by 15-0 win over Daystar Falcons and a 12-12 draw with Kenya Cup champions Kabras Sugar.

Strathmore Leos were 29-0 winners over hosts Mombasa RFC before losing 14-17 to Homeboyz and rounding off the day with 50-0 win over Impala Saracens.

Other quarterfinals will see Homeboyz play Kabras Sugar, Mwamba take on Kenya Harlequin and Menengai Oilers play Nondies. 

Driftwood 7s quarterfinals:
Challenge Trophy
Impala Saracens vs Jumia Pirates 8.40am
Western Bulls vs Nakuru 9am
Daystar Falcons vs Mombasa 9.20am
Blak Blad vs Zetech 9.40am

Homeboyz vs Kabras Sugar 10am
Mwamba vs Kenya Harlequin 10.20am
KCB vs Strathmore Leos 10.40am
Menengai Oilers vs Nondies 11am

Day One results 

Impala v Homeboyz 5-10
Strathmore Leos v Mombasa 29-0
Kabras Sugar v Daystar Falcons 28-0
KCB v Jumia Pay South Coast Pirates 51-0
Kenya Harlequin v Nakuru 17-0
Menengai Oilers v Blak Blad 26-0 
Mwamba v Nondescripts 14-0 
Western Bulls v Zetech Oaks 12-7 

Impala v Mombasa 21-0
Strathmore Leos v Homeboyz 14-17
Kabras Sugar v Jumia Pay South Coast Pirates 22-5
KCB v Daystar Falcons 15-0 
Kenya Harlequin v Blak Blad 31-0 
Menengai Oilers v Nakuru 5-5
Mwamba v Zetech Oaks 17-5
Western Bulls v Nondescripts 7-12

Homeboyz v Mombasa 24-7
Strathmore Leos v Impala 50-0
Daystar Falcons v Jumia Pay Pirates  26-10
KCB v Kabras 12-12
Nakuru v Blak Blad 7-10
Menengai Oilers v Kenya Harlequin 12-5
Nondescripts v Zetech Oaks 21-05
Western Bulls v Mwamba 0-7

Driftwood 7s Draw:

Pool A: Strathmore Leos, Impala, Homeboyz, Mombasa RFC
Pool B: KCB, Kabras, Daystar Falcons, Jumia Pay Pirates
Pool C: Menengai Oilers, Kenya Harlequin, Top Fry Nakuru, Blak Blad
Pool D: Western Bulls, Mwamba, Nondies, Zetech 

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