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Kabras Sugar win Kakamega 7s
By Eric Njiru | Sun 17 Jul, 2022 15:04

Kabras Sugar beat Menengai Oilers 19-7 to win Kakamega 7s and become the sixth different winner in the 2022 Nationl sevens circuit on Sunday July 17 at the Bull Ring.

Menengai Oilers went into the final having won the overall circuit courtesy of the semifinal win over title challengers KCB. 

The Kenya Cup champions went over through Jone Kubu, Malik Habil and Brian Tanga as Amakhua Namatinyu went over for Oilers. Kabras join Dala 7s champions Homeboyz, Prinsloo 7s winners Menengai Oilers, Driftwood 7s winners Mwamba, Kabeberi 7s champions KCB and Christie 7s winners Strathmore Leos as six winners in six tournaments.

Kabras Sugar's last cup win in the national sevens series came in 2017 when they won the overall circuit under Charles Cardovillis. KCB finished third, Homeboyz secured fifth, Daystar Falcons won the challenge trophy while Vihiga beat hosts Western Bulls 10-5 to finish 13th. 

Kabras Sugar takes home Ksh100,000 for winning Kakamega 7s, Menengai Oilers takes Ksh50,000 and KCB pockets Ksh25,000 for finishing third. Overall series Menengai Oilers wins Ksh300,000 with second placed KCB taking home Ksh100,000.

Kakamega 7s day II pairings
Cup Final
Menengai Oilers vs Kabras Sugar 7-19

Bronze Final
KCB vs Strathmore Leos 21-14

5th Place Final
Homeboyz vs Nakuru 24-5

Challenge Trophy Final
Daystar Falcons vs Blak Blad 14-12

13th Place Final
Western Bulls vs Vihiga 5-10

13th Place semis

Kisumu RFC vs Western Bulls 0-36
Vihiga vs Kabarak 19-14

Challenge Trophy Semis
Nondies vs Daystar 20-22
Blak Blad vs Quins 17-0

5th Place semis
Catholic Monks vs Homeboyz 5-19
MMUST vs Nakuru 7-22

Cup Semis
KCB vs Menengai Oilers 12-17
Strathmore Leos vs Kabras Sugar 10-14

Challenge Trophy quarters

9:00am  Nondies vs Kisumu 21-5
9:20am Daystar Falcons vs Western Bulls 14-12
9:40m Blak Blad vs Vihiga 26-7
10:00am Kenya Harlequin vs Kabarak Uni 33-7

Cup quarterfinals
10.20am Menengai Oilers vs Catholic Monks 33-5
10.40am KCB vs Homeboyz 27-7
11.00am Strathmore Leos vs MMUST 19-7
11.20am Nakuru vs Kabras Sugar 19-22

Pool A: Menengai Oilers, MMUST, Nondies, Vihiga
Pool B: Strathmore Leos, Blak Blad, Catholic Monks, Kisumu RFC
Pool C: Homeboyz, Kenya Harlequin, Western Bulls, Nakuru
Pool D: KCB, Kabras Sugar, Kabarak, Daystar Falcons

Fixtures: Saturday July 16, 2022
9:00am MMUST vs Nondies 14-12
9:20am Menengai Oilers vs Vihiga 39-7
9:40am Blak Blad vs Catholic Monks 7-10
10:00am Strathmore vs Kisumu RFC  27-7
10.20am Kenya Harlequin vs Western Bulls 14-7
10.40am Homeboyz vs Nakuru 14-17
11.00am Kabras Sugar vs Kabarak 42-7
11.20am KCB vs Daystar Falcons 17-12

11.50am MMUST vs Vihiga 12-12
12.10pm Menengai Oilers vs Nondies 21-14
12.30pm Blak Blad vs Kisumu RFC 22-7
12.50pm Strathmore Leos vs Catholic Monks 31-0
1.10pm Kenya Harlequin vs Nakuru 7-20
1.30pm Homeboyz vs Western Bulls 17-7
1.50pm Kabras vs Daystar Falcons 17-12
2.10pm KCB vs Kabarak University 32-5

2.40pm Nondies vs Vihiga 12-5
3.00pm Menengai Oilers vs MMUST 26-7
3.20pm Catholic Monks vs Kisumu 31-5
3.40pm Strathmore Leos vs Blak Blad 19-17
4.00pm Western Bulls vs Nakuru 5-28
4.20pm Homeboyz vs Kenya Harlequin 12-12
4.40pm Kabarak vs Daystar 19-7
5.00pm KCB vs Kabras Sugar 14-7

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