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Inside Likoni Community Rugby's program
By Eric Njiru | Tue 09 Jun, 2020 13:06

After eight years of existence in Mombasa, Likoni Community Rugby Team is now ready to enter KRU Nationwide league -Coast region.

Likoni Community was established in the year 2012 as in idea by three friends (Mtawa Titus -Team manager, Gem Dennis -Age Grade coach in Nanyuki and Maleu Geoffrey -coach) to keep young children busy after attending Sunday school classes at ACK Ujamaa Church.

“We have written to Kenya Rugby Union requesting to be admitted to the Coast Nationwide league and they gave us a go-ahead,” said Mtawa.

“Our Coaches are current players of Mombasa Rugby Club which is the oldest Rugby club in the region and players in the Kenya Rugby Championship League.”

“So far we have 18 players (boys and girls) on full rugby and half rugby scholarship programs in Nairobi, Kisii and Kisumu.”

Likoni has established itself as a community-based organization. “We endeavor to provide pathways and opportunities for players to participate in competitions at local, provincial and national levels.”

“Likoni Rugby encourages adolescents and young adults to stay physically active and learn important life skills about teamwork, leadership, discipline, and skills development.”

“We focus on real long-term development. We believe we have a very strong set of coaches who can take kids who have some level of talent for this game and over a period of 2-3 years or more can develop them into rugby "players". It's not an overnight process.”

All their team members are taught the same kind of rugby and belong to a very distinct philosophy. Coaching curriculum ensures that all technical, tactical and mental aspects of the game are taught in an age-appropriate manner to all of our players.

All fitness and conditioning is done with the ball so that, while addressing the athletic aspect of the game, the kids continuously improve their skills.

“The ball is touched at all times. No development can be achieved standing in line and touching the ball every 5 minutes. Each player must literally touch the ball hundreds of time on each session.”

Likoni has produced high-caliber players who are playing rugby in top schools in the country including Upper Hill School, St. Anne Girls High School and Kisii High School.

“Apart from the rugby game, we also try to get secondary school scholarships for the boys and girls who complete primary school and are players.”

This program is mainly supported by the British Army Training Unit in Kenya, Nanyuki (BATUK) the Nanyuki Charitable Center, Jack Mitchell Foundation and Coast Rugby Sub Union to facilitate the program.

“Since we cannot get to everyone, we often require the help of our families, friends and the community in this endeavor both financially and with their esteemed time, therefore, if you know of a player who wants to take their game to the next level, contact the team manager and/or head coach, so that they may invite that player to tryout/train with the team to see if there is a "good fit”.

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