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Injera, Ambaka on Kenya 7s culture, new hero Buffa
By Eric Njiru | Fri 24 Jan, 2020 14:19

Kenya 7s head coach Paul Feeney says if he sees Shujaa “having a good dance before they warm up in the shed", he knows "we are up for it. If they are not having a good dance, I’m worried.”

Feeney spoke to World Rugby media ahead of this weekend’s Hamilton 7s. Willy Ambaka and Collins Injera told WR “it’s all about having fun.”

Ambaka: “It’s all about having fun, trying to enjoy every moment that we get representing our country. It’s all about the African culture, like we love to move. Music is the fruit of the soul so we try to feel our souls and just try to be happy every moment.”

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Injera: “We want to express ourselves, that’s the style of play we’re used to. If you are a ball carrier, you express yourself, if you are a stepper you express yourself so for us it’s just about enjoying the game, and just having fun.”

The duo praised Alvin ‘Buffa’ Otieno who they call ‘water Buffalo’ back in Nairobi.

Ambaka: “We call him the water Buffalo. Kenya rugby is all about physicality as well and the boys love the physical stuff. He’s a special unit, one run and he’s gone.”

Injera: “Buffa is quite a soft guy -if you find him off the field you wouldn’t believe he’s the guy you see on the field. Like a gentle giant. If he keeps doing what he does I think we’ll be in a good place.”

Feeney: “I’m not Kenyan but I have been there a few months but I have seen fun loving people. Great athletes they can be the best in the World.

So, you know we’ve got like six months to build to the Olympics and that’s our goal and we’ll use all tournaments to find the best seven players who can start at the Olympics. Huge competition for places and then showcase Kenya at the Olympic games, that’s what it’s all about and you know I really feel these boys can do it”

Herman Humwa is named as the 13th player at Hamilton 7s with KCB winger Geoffrey Okwach set to make his debut.

Shujaa kick-off the Hamilton 7s against England at 2.41am EAT on Saturday Jan 25.

Their second game will be against Japan at 8.08am before taking on South Africa at 2.13am on Sunday morning.

Kenya 7s squad for Hamilton 7s
1.Daniel Taabu(11) 2.Bush Mwale (31) 3.Alvin Otieno (6) 4.Vincent Onyala (11) 5.Billy Odhiambo (44) 6.Jeff Oluoch (18) 7.Geoffrey Okwach (D) 8.Andrew Amonde (72) 9.Nelson Oyoo (34) 10.Johnstone Olindi (11) 11.Collins Injera (79) 12. Willy Ambaka (47) 13.Herman Humwa (11)

Hamilton 7s Fixtures(Kenyan time)
Saturday Jan 25, 2020
Ireland v Canada 1.57am
France v Spain 2.15am
Kenya v England 2.41am
South Africa v Japan 3.03am
Argentina v Australia 3.25am
Fiji v Samoa 3.47am
Scotland v USA 4.09am
New Zealand v Wales 4.31am

Ireland v Spain 7.24am
France v Canada 7.46am
Kenya v Japan 8.08am
South Africa v England 8.30am
Argentina v Samoa 9.05am
Fiji v Australia 9.35am
Scotland v Wales 10.05am
New Zealand v USA 10.33am

Sunday Jan 26
Canada v Spain 1.07am
France v ireland 1.29am
England v Japan 1.51am
South Africa v Kenya 2.13am
Australia v Samoa 2.35am
USA v Wales 3.19am
New Zealand v Scotland 3.41am

Cup semis
1st Pool B v 1st Pool C 6.20am
1st Pool A v 1st Pool D 6.42am

15th Place playoff
3rd Best 4th v 4th Best 4th 7.10am

13th Place playoff
Best 4th v 2nd Best 4th 7.32am

11th Place playoff
3rd Best 3rd v 4th Best 3rd 7.54am

9th Place playoff
Best 3rd v 2nd Best 3rd 8.16am

7th Place playoff
3rd Best 2nd v 4th Best 2nd 8.38am

5th Place playoff
Best 2nd v 2nd Best 2nd 9am

Bronze Final
Loser M25 v Loser M26 9.56am

Cup Final
Winner M25 v Winner M26 10.56am

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