Four teams to be relegated from Kenya Cup
By Patrick Korir | Tue 24 Nov, 2015 18:34

The bottom four teams at the end of the 2015/16 Kenya Cup season will be relegated.

This is a departure from the last two season where only the bottom two teams dropped down to the expansive Nationwide league to start the trip back up.

New direction

The four to be relegated will, unlike in the recent seasons, not go down to the Nationwide but to a whole new league that comes in between the Kenya Cup and the Nationwide – Kenya Cup 2 .

The new development is an outcome of pre-season meetings between Kenya Cup sides and those from the Nationwide.

As per minutes obtained from those discussions, the 2016/17 Kenya Cup season will have no promotion as the top ten teams will remain in the top league to be known as Kenya Cup tier 1 (Premier Cup)

The relegated four from the current season that kicked off on Saturday 21 November will, as well as another promoted six from the 2015/16 nationwide, form the new Kenya Cup tier 2 (Super Cup).

Sustainable and progressive

The advent of the new second tier league provides a sustainable and progressive buffer meant to curtail the disparity between the top tier and the lower tier. The current Nationwide League will still remain but as the third tier of the new league system.

The number of promotions/demotions from one league to the other is not well defined, as yet.

From the meetings, it was further agreed that the Eric Shirley Shield that is currently made up by second teams of Kenya Cup sides will recoil to an U21 league. A new reserve league for Kenya Cup will then be formed in the season to come.

Away from changes for the next season onward, new formats had already been incorporated this season with the Kenya Cup being played in two equal pools of seven teams. Unlike last season where teams played one offs in just one league, this time games will be played in home and away basis then each team from one pool will play those in the other pool once.

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The Eric Shirley that was played as curtain raisers to Kenya Cup games are not neccessarily following that path as what was a single league is now split in three pools. The ten teams in Nairobi and its periphery have been split in two pools and the four teams to the Western part of Nairobi placed in their own pool

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Summary of 2016/17 league season

  1. Kenya Cup Tier 1(Premier Cup) – to comprise 10 teams (The top ten teams from the 2015-2016 season)
  2. Kenya Cup Tier 2 (Super Cup) – to comprise 10 teams (The last four finishers from the 2015-2016 Kenya Cup and the top 6 finishers from 2015-2016 Nationwide League)
  3. The nationwide league.
Patrick Korir
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