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Fiji win Gold at Tokyo 2020
By Eric Njiru | Wed 28 Jul, 2021 12:27

Fiji successfully defended Gold at Tokyo 2020 Olympics beating New Zealand 27-12 in the cup final on Wednesday, July 28, 2020, in Japan.

First blood went to Fiji as Meli Derenalagi went over in the corner after a clever rip deep in New Zealand's half but the conversion went wide. Five became 12 as the ball wasn't grounded and Fiji acted fast and Sireli Maqala got a hand on it with conversion nailed this time around. 

New Zealand co-captain Scott Curry got his side back into it with a finish out wide but Fiji got their third try as Jiuta Wainiqolo bounced off the defenders and dotted down. The conversion was successful.

On the stroke of half-time, Sione Molia took matters into his own hands and powered over the line for New Zealand's second. There was plenty of quality on display between the two sides but it was Fiji who had the lead at the break. 

There were loads of pressure from the reigning champions, they got a penalty advantage and Jerry Tuwai whipped it out wide to Asaeli Tuivuaka who went over for 12-24. Fiji slotted in a penalty with the final kick to win the game. 

Argentina finished third with a 17-12 win over Great Britain, South Africa beat USA 28-7 to secure fifth, Australia secured seventh with a 26-7 win over Canada while Kenya beat Ireland 22-0 to finish 9th. 

TOKYO 2020 Olympics results:

Cup Final:
Fiji 27 New Zealand 12

Bronze Match:
Argentina 17 Great Britain 12

Placing 5-6
United States 7 South Africa 28

Placing 7-8
Canada 7 Australia 26

Placing 9-10
Kenya 22 Ireland 0

Placing 11-12
Korea 19 Japan 31

Placing semis Matches:
Ireland vs Korea 31-0
Kenya vs Japan 12-7

New Zealand vs Canada 21-10
Great Britain v USA 26-21
South Africa vs Argentina 14-19
Fiji vs Australia 19-0

Placing 5-8
Canada vs USA 14-21
South Africa vs Australia 22-19

New Zealand vs Great Britain 29-7
Argentina vs Fiji 14-16


Tokyo 2020 Olympics 7s
Fiji 24 Japan 19
Great Britain 24 Canada 0
New Zealand 50 Korea 5
Australia 19 Argentina 29
South Africa 33 Ireland 14
USA 19 Kenya 14

Great Britain v Japan 34-0
Fiji vs Canada 28-14
New Zealand v Argentina 35-14
Australia v Korea 42-5
USA v Ireland 19-17
South Africa v Kenya 14-5

Tuesday, July 27, 2021
Canada vs Japan 36-12
Fiji vs Great Britain 33-7
Argentina vs Korea 56-0
New Zealand v Australia 14-12
Kenya vs Ireland 7-12
South Africa vs USA 17-12

Pool A:
1. New Zealand 9
2. Argentina 7
3. Australia 5
4. Korea 3

Pool B:
1. Fiji 9
2. Great Britain 7
3. Canada 5
4. Japan 3

Pool C:
1.South Africa 9
2. USA 7
3. Ireland 5
4. Kenya 3
(Top two teams plus best losers (2) qualified for cup quarters) 

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