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Eddie Jones wants to coach from the sideline
By Raga House | Tue 26 May, 2020 14:00

England coach Eddie Jones wants to coach test rugby from the sidelines like football managers operate.

Jones said he worked that way during his time in Japan and sees benefits.

He won’t spend the entire 80 minutes prowling the sidelines but hopes to get closer to the action during the second half of games.

“Ideally, if you could, you would do the first half in the stand to look at the patterns (of play) what tactically are they trying to do and where can you expose them in the second half which a lot of times is more about emotion, digging deep and you could add some value on the side of the pitch,” Jones tells England performance director Conor O’Shea in the latest episode of “The Eddie Jones Podcast”

Jones, always looking to evolve his coaching style and influences from other sports, believes rugby can learn in this area from football.

“I was lucky enough when I coached in Japan to coach on the side of the pitch and you could definitely have an influence on certain teams and you see that with football managers.

“Having that balance of being able to get how the game is evolving and then add something to the emotional side of the game could make it quite interesting.”

Under the current system most coaches work in designated areas in the grandstands alongside their assistant coaches, analysing play from the field and getting information feeds off laptops. Strategies are relayed to the team via water carriers and other management on the sidelines.

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