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EA 15s: Winning starts for Kakamega, Dagoretti
By Patrick Korir | Sat 17 Aug, 2019 21:32

Two Kenyan representatives Kakamega High and Dagoretti High kicked of their chase for the East African Rugby 15s title at Tanzania Game Track and Safaris (TGT) Kisongo in Arusha, Tanzania on a high with resounding wins over another Kenyan side Kangaru High and Uganda's Ntare School, respectively, both games played on Saturday 17 August 2019.

Reigning Kenya National 15s champions Kakamega High hit Kangaru High 46-0 as the team they beat to the National title Dagoretti High walked over Ntare with a 60-0 scoreline.

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The Barbarians of Kakamega led 26-0 at half time before sutting out their local foes with an added 19 points.

In another game played on Saturday St. Mary's Kisubi lost out 5-15 to their Ugandan counterparts Namilyango College.

Save for the six schools that participated on Saturday, one other - Okeeswa of Tanzania completes the list of of those participating in the 18th edition of Federation of East Africa Secondary Schools Sports Associations (FEASSSA).

The seven will play in a round robin manner and at the end of it all the school that tops the charts will be declared winner to take over from champions Upper Hill School who failed to return to defend their title.

Sunday will be a rest day for all schools but when the action resumes on Monday 19 August, it will be an all-Kenyan affair when Kangaru takes on Dagoretti.

The day after - Tuesday, Dagoretti will set up a mouthwatering duel with last years' East Africa 15s runners up Kakamega as Kangaru face off with St. Mary's Kisubi.

RUGBY 15s BOYS (Round Robin)

Participants; Kakamega High (Ke), Dagoretti High (Ke), Kangaru High (Ke), Namilyango College (Ug), St. Marys Kisubi (Ug), Ntare School (Ug), Okeeswa (Tz)

Results & fixtures

17/08/2019 9.00am Kakamega (Ke) 46 Kangaru (Ke) 0

17/08/2019 11.00am Dagoretti (Ke) 60 Ntare School (Ug) 0

17/08/2019 2.00pm St. Marys Kisubi (Ug) 05 Namilyango College (Ug) 15


19/08/2019 9.00am Namilyango College (Ug) Vs Okeeswa (Tz)

19/08/2019 11.00am Ntare School (Ug) Vs St. Marys Kisubi (Ug)

19/08/2019 2.00pm Kangaru (Ke) Vs Dagoretti (Ke)

20/08/2019 9.00am Dagoretti (Ke) Vs Kakamega (Ke)

20/08/2019 11.00am St. Marys Kisubi (Ug) Vs Kangaru (Ke)

20/08/2019 2.00Pm Okeeswa (Tz) Vs Ntare School (Ug)

21/08/2019 9.00am Kakamega (Ke) Vs Namilyango College (Ug)

21/08/2019 11.00am Kangaru (Ke) Vs Okeeswa (Tz)

21/08/2019 2.00pm Dagoretti (Ke) Vs St. Marys Kisubi (Ug)

22/08/2019 9.00am Namilyango College (Ug) Vs Ntare School (Ug)

22/08/2019 11.00am Okeeswa (Tz) Vs Dagoretti (Ke)

22/08/2019 2.00pm St. Marys Kisubi (Ug) Vs Kakamega (Ke)

23/08/2019 9.00am St. Marys Kisubi (Ug) Vs Okeeswa (Tz)

23/08/2019 11.00am Kakamega (Ke) Vs Ntare School (Ug)

23/08/2019 2.00pm Kangaru (Ke) Vs Namilyango College (Ug)

24/08/2019 8.00am Ntare School (Ug) Vs Kangaru (Ke)

24/08/2019 10.00pm Okeeswa (Tz) Vs Kakamega (Ke)

24/08/2019 12.00pm Namilyango College (Ug) Vs Dagoretti (Ke)

Patrick Korir
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