. Part of the action between Kakamega High and Kangaru School in the ongoing EA 15s games out in Arusha, Tanzania in Aug 2019. Photo credit - FEASSSSA
EA 15s: Kakamega stops real foes, Kangaru in winning ways
By Patrick Korir | Tue 20 Aug, 2019 09:36

2019 National 15s champions Kakamega High School made a statement of intent on Monday 19 August 2019 at Tanzania Game Track and Safaris (TGT) Kisongo in Arusha, Tanzania after seeing off their greatest rivals Dagoretti High 32-5 in their second game of the ongoing East Africa Regional 15s Rugby game.

Dagoretti High, whom Kakamega High beat to the National title, came to the game on the back of two straight wins; 60-0 over Uganda's Ntare School and a 32-5 win over their Kenyan counterparts Kangaru School.

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Considering the opposition on show, Dagoretti High was considered the real foes for Kakamega High at the regional showpiece.

In another game played on Monday, Kangaru recovered from two straight losses from Kakamega High on day one and Dagoretti on day two to outscore St. Mary's Kisubi 30-06 for their first win.

In another games, Ntare School, just like Kangaru, picked their first win after taking down Tanzania's Okeeswa 31-0.

All three Kenyan schools will be in action as the seven-school round robin rugby 15s action continues on Tuesday.

Kakakmega, Dagoretti and Kangaru will be up against Namilyango College and St. Mary's Kisubi - all from Uganda - and Okeeswa, in that order.

Results & fixtures

17/08/2019 9.00am Kakamega (Ke) 46 Kangaru (Ke) 0

17/08/2019 11.00am Dagoretti (Ke) 60 Ntare School (Ug) 0

17/08/2019 2.00pm St. Marys Kisubi (Ug) 05 Namilyango College (Ug) 15

18/08/2019 9.00am Namilyango College (Ug) 62 Okeeswa (Tz) 0

18/08/2019 11.00am Ntare School (Ug) 03 St. Marys Kisubi (Ug) 31

18/08/2019 2.00pm Kangaru (Ke) 5 Dagoretti (Ke) 32

20/08/2019 9.00am Dagoretti (Ke) 5 Kakamega (Ke) 32

20/08/2019 11.00am St. Marys Kisubi (Ug) 06 Kangaru (Ke) 30

20/08/2019 2.00Pm Okeeswa (Tz) 00 Ntare School (Ug) 31


21/08/2019 9.00am Kakamega (Ke) Vs Namilyango College (Ug)

21/08/2019 11.00am Kangaru (Ke) Vs Okeeswa (Tz)

21/08/2019 2.00pm Dagoretti (Ke) Vs St. Marys Kisubi (Ug)

22/08/2019 9.00am Namilyango College (Ug) Vs Ntare School (Ug)

22/08/2019 11.00am Okeeswa (Tz) Vs Dagoretti (Ke)

22/08/2019 2.00pm St. Marys Kisubi (Ug) Vs Kakamega (Ke)

23/08/2019 9.00am St. Marys Kisubi (Ug) Vs Okeeswa (Tz)

23/08/2019 11.00am Kakamega (Ke) Vs Ntare School (Ug)

23/08/2019 2.00pm Kangaru (Ke) Vs Namilyango College (Ug)

24/08/2019 8.00am Ntare School (Ug) Vs Kangaru (Ke)

24/08/2019 10.00pm Okeeswa (Tz) Vs Kakamega (Ke)

24/08/2019 12.00pm Namilyango College (Ug) Vs Dagoretti (Ke)

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