. Part of the action between Kakamega High and Kangaru School in the ongoing EA 15s games out in Arusha, Tanzania in Aug 2019. Photo credit - FEASSSSA
EA 15s: Dagoretti registers second straight win
By Patrick Korir | Sun 18 Aug, 2019 20:45

Dagoretti High beat Kenyan counterparts Kangaru High 32-5 on Sunday 18 August 2019 to register a second straight win in the ongoing East Africa 15s regional school games at Tanzania Game Track and Safaris (TGT) Kisongo in Arusha, Tanzania.

The latest win came a day after Dichez had flattened Uganda's Ntare School 60-0 in their opening game on Saturday at the same venue.

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Dagoretti had to step up their game in the second half for the win having been held to a narrow 7-5 lead at half time.

Ben Salem scored a brace of tries in the game as Kevin Kiarie, Gilbert Odhiambo and Fred Shisia contributed to the score line with a try each.

In other games played on Sunday St. Marys Kisubi of Uganda recovered from a day one loss to hit counterparts Ntare School 31-3.

St. Marys Kisubi were taken down 15-5 by Namilyango College also from Uganda in their opener on Saturday.

Just like Dagoretti, Namilyango College made it two straight wins on Sunday after tearing apart Tanzania's Okeeswa on Sunday.

Dagoretti High will be up against Dagoretti reigning 2019 National 15s champions Kakamega High in their next game as am Kangaru seek to end their two-game losing streak with a turn around against St. Marys Kisubi.

Results & fixtures

17/08/2019 9.00am Kakamega (Ke) 46 Kangaru (Ke) 0

17/08/2019 11.00am Dagoretti (Ke) 60 Ntare School (Ug) 0

17/08/2019 2.00pm St. Marys Kisubi (Ug) 05 Namilyango College (Ug) 15

18/08/2019 9.00am Namilyango College (Ug) 62 Okeeswa (Tz) 0

18/08/2019 11.00am Ntare School (Ug) 03 St. Marys Kisubi (Ug) 31

18/08/2019 2.00pm Kangaru (Ke) 5 Dagoretti (Ke) 32


20/08/2019 9.00am Dagoretti (Ke) Vs Kakamega (Ke)

20/08/2019 11.00am St. Marys Kisubi (Ug) Vs Kangaru (Ke)

20/08/2019 2.00Pm Okeeswa (Tz) Vs Ntare School (Ug)

21/08/2019 9.00am Kakamega (Ke) Vs Namilyango College (Ug)

21/08/2019 11.00am Kangaru (Ke) Vs Okeeswa (Tz)

21/08/2019 2.00pm Dagoretti (Ke) Vs St. Marys Kisubi (Ug)

22/08/2019 9.00am Namilyango College (Ug) Vs Ntare School (Ug)

22/08/2019 11.00am Okeeswa (Tz) Vs Dagoretti (Ke)

22/08/2019 2.00pm St. Marys Kisubi (Ug) Vs Kakamega (Ke)

23/08/2019 9.00am St. Marys Kisubi (Ug) Vs Okeeswa (Tz)

23/08/2019 11.00am Kakamega (Ke) Vs Ntare School (Ug)

23/08/2019 2.00pm Kangaru (Ke) Vs Namilyango College (Ug)

24/08/2019 8.00am Ntare School (Ug) Vs Kangaru (Ke)

24/08/2019 10.00pm Okeeswa (Tz) Vs Kakamega (Ke)

24/08/2019 12.00pm Namilyango College (Ug) Vs Dagoretti (Ke)

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