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Disappointed Kenya Cup sides demand answers from KRU
By Eric Njiru | Sat 11 Apr, 2020 09:09

Disappointed Kenya Cup clubs have written to Kenya Rugby Union over the cancellation of all competitions asking the Union to "review and consider this position" and "in future consult your major stakeholders on such matters".

Western Bulls and Kisumu are not copied on the email as the two had already suffered Kenya Cup relegation. 

KRU on Thursday announced cancellation of Kenya Cup, Championship, ESS, Nationwide, Mwamba Cup and Enterprise Cup due to the ongoing Corona Virus.

In a letter sent to KRU Chairman Oduor Gangla and Hon.Sec Ian Mugambi by Kenya Cup and KCB chairman Xavier Makuba seen by Raga House, the clubs say:

"We as Kenya Cup clubs protest this league cancellation from KRU Hon. Secretary because we feel its too soon for such a decision. We are also very disappointed for not being consulted on such a big decision which has a direct impact to clubs."

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"We are in agreement that with the current environment of COVID 19 rugby cannot be played and therefore we are out of the opinion that the Kenya Cup league remain suspended until further notice as we hope for normalcy to return soonest just like Schools have been suspended and not cancelled."

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The cancellation means there will be NO Promotion or Relegation in any of the leagues, with all teams remaining in their current division.

The letter continues: "A suspension will be able to secure all competing interests then once normalcy returns we shall critically analyse the situation together with the fixtures committee and agree on the best way forward for rugby."

Eric Njiru
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