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Homeboyz win Dala 7s
By Raga House | Sun 03 Jul, 2022 11:22

Homeboyz are the fourth different winner on the National Sevens Circuit after defeating Menengai Oilers 19-14 in the final at the Jomo Kenyatta Stadium in Kisumu on Sunday 3 July 2022.

Amon Wamalwa gave the deejays the lead, scoring after a silky run with Mike Nyakundi converting for a 7-0 lead. Oilers responded through Amos Onyinkwa with Mark Kwemoi converting for a 7-7 score before Leonard Mugaisi scored at the break to give Homeboyz a 12-7 lead at the break.

Collins Shikoli then landed a third try for the deejays before Oilers struck late, Beldad Ogeta’s converted effort a tad too late for Gibson Weru’s charges.

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Dala 7s day II pairing
13th Place final
Kenya Harlequin vs Kisumu RFC 19-7

Challenge Trophy Final
Nakuru RFC vs Kabras Sugar 10-14

5th Place final
Strathmore Leos vs Nondies 17-12

3rd Place playoff
Mwamba vs KCB 7-10

Cup Final
Homeboyz vs Menengai Oilers 19-14

13th Place semis
Daystar Falcons vs Kenya Harlequin 12-22
Kisumu RFC vs Zetech Oaks 20-7

Challenge Trophy Semis
Nakuru vs Impala Saracens 19-14
Kabras Sugar vs Blak Blad 21-7

5th Place semis
MMUST vs Strathmore Leos 12-22
Nondies vs Catholic Monks 26-5

Cup Semis
Mwamba vs Homeboyz 10-14
Menengai Oilers vs KCB 14-12

Challenge Trophy quarters 

Nakuru vs Daystar Falcon 19-7
Kenya Harlequin vs Impala 12-15
Kabras Sugar vs Kisumu 24-15
Blak Blad vs Zetech Oaks 17-14

Cup quarters
Mwamba vs MMUST 24-5
Homeboyz vs Strathmore 10-7
Menengai Oilers vs Nondies 12-0
KCB vs Catholic Monks 40-7

Division 1 Day 1 Order Of Play, 2 July 2022

POOL A: Nondescripts 17-12 Nakuru 
POOL A: Mwamba 26-7 Kisumu 
POOL B: Kabras Sugar 28-14 Daystar Falcons 
POOL B: Menengai Oilers 31-12 Masinde Muliro 
POOL C: Strathmore Leos 24-12 Impala 
POOL C: KCB 31-0 Blak Blad 
POOL D: Kenya Harlequin 19-19 Zetech Oaks 
POOL D: Homeboyz 17-17 Catholic Monks 

POOL A: Nondescripts 22-5 Kisumu 
POOL A: Mwamba 22-24 Nakuru 
POOL B: Kabras Sugar 12-16 Masinde Muliro 
POOL B: Menengai Oilers 21-19 Daystar Falcons 
POOL C: Strathmore Leos 5-0 Blak Blad 
POOL C: KCB 19-10 Impala 
POOL D: Kenya Harlequin 14-19 Catholic Monks 
POOL D: Homeboyz 45-13 Zetech Oaks 

POOL A: Nakuru 19-14 Kisumu 
POOL A: Mwamba 24-5 Nondescripts 
POOL B: Daystar Falcons 12-12 Masinde Muliro 
POOL B: Menengai Oilers 21-14 Kabras Sugar 
POOL C: Impala 5-27 Blak Blad 
POOL C: KCB 21-10 Strathmore Leos 
POOL D: Zetech Oaks 7-10 Catholic Monks 
POOL D: Homeboyz 24-5 Kenya Harlequin 

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