Contracts for Kenya 7s now Ready, Omwela
By Eric Njiru | Thu 28 Jan, 2016 18:28

The National Sevens team will sign new contracts when they return from Sydney Sevens on February 8

Kenya Rugby Union chairman Richard Omwela says the contracts are ready and a draft was given to the players before they left for Wellington Sevens on Sunday.


The player will be served with one-year deals which will expire in October 2016

“Kenya Airways has finally signed on the sponsorship agreement what we were waiting to happen because we didn’t want to be in the situation we have been before where you have the contracts but you cannot honor them because there is no money," said Omwela while unveiling new kit for Mean Machine on Wednesday evening

“We have now prepared them (contracts) but by the time the team left for wellington sevens we had not signed them but we had given them draft contracts so that they can reading their own time,"

The new deal will also see families of the playing unit benefit with a medical cover.

“Apart from the monetary aspect we have also packaged an Insurance for them and their families so that those who have children when they are playing far away from Kenya and their kids fall sick they don’t have to worry”

“We have covered that under the Kenya airways program so that when something happens they have access to medical aid and assistance and even the team is fully covered under a medical scheme”.

Though not specified, the new package is expected to be less compared to what the team got last time round due to the financial challenges the Airline is facing.

In return Kenya Rugby Union has asked Kenya Airways to sponsor only the shirts and allow them to reach out for a shorts sponsor.

“It is a reduced package or a half loaf from what it was before because of the situation Kenya Airways is in financially but in return we have asked them to release the shorts,"

“We are now talking to other people to see whether they can pick up the shorts in purpose of filling the gap”

Kshs 400 million

National Carrier Kenya Airways first came on board to Kenya 7s rugby sponsorship in November 2009 taking over from the previous sponsors Virgin Atlantic.

Then, the Pride of Africa tabled an entry package of Kshs 15m shirt sponsorship for the 2009/10 season, a near 50% increment from the previous sponsors. It increased by about 12% for the 2010/11 season bringing their initial package over a two year period to an estimated Kshs. 31.25m

In late October 2011 Kenya Airways signed a two year extended sponsorship agreement with the the KRU valued at over Kshs 290 million.

Under the deal, Kenya Airways earned full sponsorship rights for the Kenya Sevens Rugby National Team for another two years, injecting cash to pay salaries for 18 players and four technical bench members.

They maintained that relationship with the sponsorship getting another two year extension, from August 2013, in a deal said to be worth Kshs 400 million.

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