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Changez to host exciting Prescott Cup semis
By Raga House | Wed 26 Jun, 2019 10:41

Lenana School is set to host Prescott Cup semis on Saturday June 29, 2019 with four sides chasing the elite schools competition title. 

2016, 2017 and 2018 champions Upper Hill are up against Rift Valley Academy(RVA) at 3pm on pitch A. Upper saw off Mang'u High 20-0 while RVA knocked out Lenana School 36-24 in the quarterfinals. 

Second semifinal, to be played also at 3pm but on pitch B, will feature Dagoretti High and Alliance High. Dagoretti beat Muhuri Muchiri 48-14 while Alliance claimed a 26-3 win over Ofafa Jericho. 

Prscott Cup semis
3pm Upper Hill vs RVA -Pitch A
3pm Dagoretti High vs Alliance -Pitch B

Damu Changa Semis
2pm Alliance II vs Mang'u II -Pitch A
2pm Ofafa II/Muhuri II vs Upper Hill II -Pitch B

Damu Pevu
1pm Laiser Hill vs Aquinas High -Pitch a
1pm Sunshine vs Langata High -Pitch B

Quarters Results
Upper Hill 20-0 Mangu High School 
Dagoreti High 48- 0 Muhuri Muchiri High 
Alliance High 26-3 Ofafa Jericho High 
Rift Valley Academy 36-24 Lenana School 

Alliance High School II 16 - 12 Nairobi School II
Ofafa Jericho High II vs Muhuri Muchiri High II -Wednesday 26 June 2019
Upper Hill II 10-0 Dagoreti High II 
Mangu High School II 19- 10 Lenana School II

Laiser Hill *20* - *0* Githiga High School 
Sunshine *20* - *0* Nova Pioneer
Kiambu High *0* - *12* Langata High 
Aquinas High *20* - *15* Jamhuri High

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