Rugby tip: 5 essentials you should pack
By Crispaus Onkoba | Thu 16 Jun, 2016 08:43
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We are fast approaching the touring season, with many tournaments on the offing and the thrill of attending a number of them there is a necessity to have the basics with you.

A number of times I have fallen victim to a contemptible habit of packing up inappropriate and completely useless stuff in my bag for a weekend trip to a game. And to pay for my ignorance I have always missed out, on very countable occasion ending up chocking life out of my wallet to settle few amenities.

I am certainly not the only one on the flip side of travels and backpack-ing. A number of times we check into that frigid, aloof, concrete lodging/hotel/motel room wanting to free our chocked legs off the burden of the shoe only to realize we don’t have the batasandaks. You check your backpack or suit case- for those that travel heavy, in place of the cute flip flops you were waiting to parade with under the hot stuffy weather at Driftwood 7s, you squeezed in your cute new pair of worker boots… that’s when you realize how silly one is and useless a trendy pair of kicks can be.

To ease up the matter and save you minutes of disappointments, here is a list of some essentials you’ll need for the Rugby 7s cross-county tour;

1.Maasai Shoal/ Shuka.

This blanket orShuka, as commonly referred to, is quite an important item in your back pack. There was a time you would see that red, stripped black piece of clothing and the image of Maasai Mara or the Big five would pop up in your head.

Those days are gone, they are now varying in various colours from the much familiar red to purple and their uses spanned across the plains to be more than a traditional Maasai wear.

Aside with the colour, a  Shuka is quite efficient in cold times, especially in the evening when the chilly winds decide to sweep through the events arena (Masaku is such an example), very comfy if you happen to be with your partner under its embrace.

2. A good pair of crocs, sandaks(ls) or flip-flops.

Essential to the players especially, for the much needed relaxation of the phalanges down below. After a lengthy day spent in the taut pair of studded boots it is usually a moment worth longing for to strip off the boots and stinking socks and let the feet loose in sandals or any other form of open foot wear. NEVER forget packing those.

We all know how naughty players can be, hehe, depriving lodgings, hotels and motels their supply of flip-flops.

Depending on your level of movement and activity over the two days as a fanatic you can decide to or not to pack this commodity- Also, where you spend your night, some hotels luck provisions of flip-flops.

3. Pack your warm Hoodie.

They come in varying designs and sizes, to suit your needs when need arises. Be sure a need will arise in the rugby stands.

The chilly weather will require an additive to the shoal you brought along. You might also want to grab something relevant with the theme of the weekend, well, there are many custom designed hoodies by various rugby clubs and brands

4. Don’t forget that small towel.

You can never trust the ones found in the economy class rooms some of us book in a new town.

Towels are quite essential and personal linens that come into direct contact to the skin. Think of it as an undergarment, you don’t share those, do you? I don’t see the need to cross over a couple of kilometers to a town and share a towel only to head back home with an itchy skin or anything else nasty…By no means am I implying that hotels have the worst of towel hygiene, you just wouldn’t want to take chances.

5. Anything that can snap and take pictures.

Of course I would have insisted on a decent camera but those things are damn expensive nowadays, besides we also have phones with almost equal capabilities nowadays. Those memorable fun moments need to be put down on record so you can laugh and to tears when you are old and reminiscing your younger times.

There goes the essential five items that shouldn’t miss a slot as you pack for the rugby tour.


POLITE REMINDER: This is the final list of essentials but is subject to changes according to your preferences:)

Crispaus Onkoba
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