Rugby beauty and beast moments
By Crispaus Onkoba | Fri 27 May, 2016 09:22
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It’s been approximately a month since I ever posted on my blog, I owe the ardent readers a candid explanation but I would fall somewhere between selfish and prioritizing, over that period.

There is something about culminating your first degree and a full schedule that comes with it, especially if you doing a science course- some of you know better. But that notwithstanding, I post this  with utmost remorse for missing out on a whole action packed month. Some of you will choose to understand others won’t care…well such is life.

Over the few weeks of inactivity on this site,  quite a number of good and ugly happened in the rugby scene all over,  well I thought I do a recap article on them as i kickstart the weekly dosier… Here is a culmination of the Beauty and the Beast that was & has been, so far.

Kenya Cup

So while I was mute I heard Nairobi was drowning in heavenly tears, some ‘Western Colonizers’ took a prime possession in their raid, or so I heard in the corridors of rugby.


Kabras Sugar took the bull by the horns even when we least expected them to, remember the time they clung at eighth on the standings? They made it to the hall of fame in the end; shear guts and determination. Second season for them in the league, two final appearances and already won the ‘pricey thing’… Viva La Kabra!

Resolution Impala had a sublime season & though I felt like they should have won the cup. But with the hard work on either side, we were never too sure, there must a button Kabras pushed that Impala did not- buying Fijians maybe?

Kenya 7s Shujaa

Back at the splendor of the shorter version of the game, Kenya Sevens went to Paris and displayed a contrasting show than they did at Singapore. The trip from grass to grace is hectic but vice versa is quite a slippery slope that happens too fast, they were obvious targets to other teams. Maybe the glamour that came with Singapore got to their nerves real good, it being a first one for the country I can’t blame them too much… just get your sticks in order next time you win a cup final Shujaaz.

IMG_20160417_215129[1]Kenya 7s Shujaa

On the softer side of the pillow, a seventh place finish with 98 season points isn’t too bad, I guess this was one of the two best seasons the team has had, all thanks to the Benjamin Ayimba-led technical bench for the tedious work they did; Rotating and including new players in nearly all the legs. Do a re-check champs, very few teams did such an enormous intro of players.

Generally, we should appreciate the competitiveness that gripped the 2015/2016 HSBC series, 6 different winners of the 10 cups that were up for grabs… that tells you how rugged the Olympic dream will be in Rio.

Kenya Lionesses

Our Kenya Lionesses have been drawn to play in the final round of the 2015/16 HSBC Women’s Sevens Series in Clermont-Ferrand, France on 28/29 May. Their first ever appearance on the women’s series, and they are looking forward to the challenge, more so with the 2016 Olympics sevens competition set for August in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

wp-1449736231632.jpegKenya Lionesses

Amid all the cash strapped claims that cling on the team I wish the ladies the best of success and gritt. But when you get back ladies reconsider doing a funds drive initiative or something of the sort… I mean, the Ugandan Lady Cranes raise funds through sell of Coffee, how about we do ours; A Nyama choma eat out day maybe!

University of Eldoret

Campus year 492UoE Trojans shoving from the right in a past action against Kitale RFC

I would love to make a special mention of University of Eldoret, Trojans rugby team. A family I have molded and sharpened my skill with in the game for the past four years. It was always an honor being part of the family, donning that- first, Black jersey, then Sky blue jersey and now the Navy blue tops. The many victories and few losses collected and probably the many more to come will be forever memorable.

Campus year 1202UoE Trojans Throwback

Undying sacrifice and passion by the players and fans alike to ensure success of the team in every duty we had is something that will be cherished. The principles of NEVER losing a HOME GAME, and NEVER HESITATING to take a TACKLE, these are commandments we were willing to take down to the wire. Let the same principle be upheld all through and through, let the Trojan spirit be within us away of home, retired or not…

Loss of the Great

Either I am wrong or right to say there is a rugby orchestra planned in heaven, but there sure is something great up above. From the loss of musical legends, to the loss of sports greatest.

In this case, rugby’s greatest:  Look at the list 0f those that have departed us, Lomu, Githaiga, Austrlian Brian Cox… so many more  I couldn’t mention all. And then Coach Eric alias ‘Stu’  Situma.

situma-1Eric ‘Stu’ Situma

He must have been a man full of heart to the game, and to whoever that played besides and under him. I did not have the opportunity but by the hundreds of messages I have come across the past two days I am at a loss too… Rugby is at a loss of his expertise.

As we wind the week, take a moment and make a stop at Impala grounds, celebrate Situma’s legacy and help the fraternity and family give him a deserving send off. If you have a game during the weekend, play in his honor. If you coach, coach in his honor. If you watch, watch it like he would!

Another legend seeded to Heaven RFC’s technical bench! Deepest condolences to the family, friends and all the entire rugby family.


Crispaus Onkoba
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