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By Crispaus Onkoba | Thu 11 Aug, 2016 23:00
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The shutters are done being rattled and the dust is nearly settled. It’s a petty excuse, but I had to wait till the first leg of the 7s circuit kicked off so that I can dent my thoughts around, irk a few chaps and sway a few others.

Prinsloo Sevens set the ball rolling with a superb line of matches over at NSC on Saturday 6 August 2016, I would not bore my readers with reiteration of the happenings but hey, Resolution Kisii is that team to beat! Yes? 

Whatever happened to the crowd movers, Nakuru RFC, I expected a final cup show down for them. Tables turn at some point and with a slack start in the circuit, defending the title might prove to be a tall order- but then again, it is too early to cast bricks, sticks and stones.

The tit bits that matter

Here are the important details to mind as we head to round two:

  • There is a resurgence of the Resolution Group: Impala and Kisii RFCs have quite shown the grit, and that goes an extra mile to show you what a good sponsorship scheme and club management can do. Proper training regimes and player mentality too.
  • Are we headed for open season: I looked at the pools for Prinsloo, trust me, Homeboyz was in mind but not for a cup scoop, I didn’t think they would go that far and they did it. When was the last time the Deejays won the cup final, last season me thinks & it was once, correct me if I am wrong. Should we expect a new cup winner each weekend? With the emergence of Resolution group and also the new ‘fad in town’, upsets galore!
  • As much as it is pitch central, let’s keep the affairs of the fanatics at heart: A trip to NaxVegas is a usual schedule to many rugby enthusiasts and the ‘Social’ travelers. The few I have spoken too wouldn’t mind a gate ticket to go for 500, Great Rift 10s 2015/14 had the gate charges at that price but still the crowds were massive. For other legs it’s usually a paining situation to charge that much, low turnout numbers are registered on comparison to Nakuru. Well I am not advocating for ticketing prices change here but be economical and let the fans enjoy the worth of ‘damages’.  Quick one here, Kabeberi  7s will have a Kids corner… Well done! Very well done!

The Kabeberi Sevens, 12-13 August, RFUEA Grounds

With that said, heading to the Kabeberi 7s I sort to pick out a number of teams, precisely four to be on the ‘Watchlist’, two ‘Upsetters’ & maybe a match or three under ‘MAKE-SURE-YOU-ARE-NOT-AT-THE-FOOD-STANDS’    when they kick off, be at the stands!

The Watch List

Menengai Cream Homeboyz, Top Fry Nakuru, Kabras Sugar, Resolution Impala Saracens & Kisii RFC.

The Deejays have an entourage of former Strathmore Leos players, majority that featured for the latter in the 2015 circuit. 

And going by Nakuru, they are doing just fine with a lead in the standings. Nakuru will seek to avenge their home ground under-performance and of course the aspect of Oyoo and Ominde to me! Impala Saracens- a very good 15s season and quite a start in the 7s season.

Resolution Kisii RFC, the crowd movers so far in the circuit, and with such immense support they have an obligation to perform. They have a good track record so far in the season, stretching from Masaku 7s.

The up sets

Catholic Monks are that team, we all know what they did at Nakuru against Impala (though they lost 26-14), and if they bring the same grit to Nairobi, expect some marvelous play.

Make sure you are at the stands when…

There are some matches you should not afford to miss for whatever reason, please make sure you be at the stands when matches are on, especially the following:

Homeboys vs Nakuru,

Resolution Impala vs Kabras Sugar

Catholic Monks vs Menengai Oilers

Blakblad vs Mean Machine

Strathmore Leos vs Resolution Kisii RFC – The rerun, derby kuruka!

There goes my two cents champs, see you at Kabeberi 7s. And what about the “Kenya 7s and other Short stories” book, have you read it? A post for another time.


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Crispaus Onkoba
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