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By Crispaus Onkoba | Fri 12 Feb, 2016 15:38
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For a moment, we all thought Resolution Impala Saracens had finally met their match when they faced Menengai Cream Homeboyz… a team that will even the odds, I said. It was a close game but the former was again imperious winning 32-29 and stay put at pos. 1 in the standings.

 The Deejays clinging to 5th on the same. Second placed Kenya Harlequins beat Nondies 35-21 to bag a total of 41 points same as Impala but stay adrift the top on score differences. Third placed KCB walloped Thika Millars 58-0 Kabras Sugar got their sweet revenge over Top Fry Nakuru in a match dubbed ‘Rae Cup’ beating them 33-26 and pocket a cool Ksh. 250K, with that win they went up to eighth and a point away from Wanyore who lie seventh. Fifth placed Strathmore Leos road of redemption entered week 2, they saw off Mean Machine, at twelfth, 68-10. Mwamba RFC(pos. 6) affirmed their previous victory over Western Bulls(pos. 10) at the latter’s tuff beating them 36-10. The season’s beat boys, Bungoma Sharks, lost yet again 35-6 against Blakblad.

From Sydney with love The Kenya Sevens flew back into the country to lay foundation for the upcoming Las Vegas Sevens, their home away from home, after a rather impressive run at Sydney, Australia. They collected an accumulative 22 points to retain 8th spot, having reached the plate semi final where they lost to Argentina 24-0. En route, they staged arguably the best comeback in the circuit so far. Down from 21-0 against Mike Friday’s USA at half time to a 24-21 win at full time.

Kenya landed in the plate semis after losing to Fiji in the cup quarters.Heading to Las Vegas, we hope to see a more up beat Shujaa outfit. Ayimba’s system of incorporating new and long standing players is proving to work quite well, all that is left to be tidied up is winning the finals. The countable times we have made it to the finals we end loosing grip and collect only the points that come with the stage, tides need to change… next time Shujaa fly back with the Okombe, and lest we forget Collins Injera should break the all time try scoring record in Vegas.

Round 11 preview Last week I classified the Kenya Cup games into three, according to their level of predictability; this week will be no different… sitting at TheBench really has you seeing things from a certain angle

The ‘Milk Bar’ games…
And they are plenty this weekend, four in total… and this is how I see the teams fair:
Menengai Cream Homeboyz vs. Kenya/Bungoma Sharks (+20 HBR)
Well I would really wish someone would clarify on the Sharks issue, is it ‘Kenya Sharks’ or ‘Bungoma Sharks’? Sometimes I get to think they switch the titles depending on which team they are facing… they want to beat the opposing team on impression basis ?.

Homeboyz are licking wounds after the narrow loss last weekend and they are lucky to be matched up against an ailing Sharks outfit this weekend- the latter has been licking wounds ever since the season began. Homeboyz are 5 points adrift the top 3 and they should look to collect maximum points in this game.

Top Fry Nakuru vs. Mean Machine (+15 Naks)

The loss to Kabras last weekend has, by now, soaked in. If anything Nakuru have an advantage against Mean Machine in nearly all aspects- well all aspects. This game should be a relief for their unlucky jinx. Machine suffered a heavy loss to Strath and when you thought things are going to be better for them they come up against another hurdle, a bitter Wanyore side.

Mwamba RFC vs. Blakblad (+10 Mwamba) On just plain sight of the fixture, it looks so easy for Kulabu against the students. The sixth placed #Rfamily had shown promising traits to make it to the top 3 earlier in the season but the Deejays rued their chances. Kulabu are aiming for a top 5 finish if not four and a win this weekend against Blad is inevitable. The students on the other side, are having a mixte run of wins and losses so far but have outdone our expectations for the better part of the season, to close weekends ahead of teams like Kabras and Western Bulls. Not to out write them here but the best they could in this game is maybe reduce the full time deficit.

Resolution Impala Saracens vs. Thika Millars RFC (+25 Impala) Another one sided affair match, the series leaders are in for a buffet of points in this match.

The Millars are stuck at 13 with neither a win nor a draw in the past 10 weekends… it will be a sad affair for them this weekend as they face Impala; the latter looking to extend the lead far away from the second placed team Quins after they closed round 10 with a tie of 41 points each.

The other ones… Nondescripts vs. KCB rugby (+10 KCB) The country’s oldest rugby outfit heads to match day 11 against the Bankers, just after being put to sword last week by Quins. Here is my logic, Quins are second while KCB are third on the standings (and are the Kenya cup defending champions), the Bankers are with 36 points, only 5 points shy away from the top two teams. What’s there to stop them from win this weekend?

As much as Nondies are a strong household name within the rugby circles, it’s a one sided affair this weekend in favor of KCB. Very little room is left for an upset.

The derbies… Kenya Harlequins vs. Strathmore Leos (+5 Quins)

Let us take note that Quins are just looking for a win to displace Impala from the top, i.e if Impala lose their game against Thika- we know that can’t happen. Thus, what they need is a huge win by as far many tries (or overall points) to take pole position. But we know Strath are no push overs, they had an unlucky loss to Kabras that set them on a slippery slope in the standings and are now resting at fifth. The one time series leaders, somewhere late last year, are looking up to make a return to the top brass (top 3) of the standings and they might just set the engine rolling with a win against Ngong Road Quins.

Western Bulls vs. Kabras Sugar (+7 Kabras)

I know some of you are writing off this match as a derby, my alter ego thinks so too. But rugby played in the western region of Kenya has always had all the adrenaline you could look up to in a game. As much as Kabras look the stronger and stealthier of the two, trust me this is a match worth to watch. Tackles, hits and breaks will be in plenty …it’s the Mundu Khu Mundu weekend in Western. If in any way you found yourself in that part of the state and don’t have a plan for the weekend then Kenya Cup has got your sorted.

Seven venues for your pre-valentine manenoz, take your pick and tone down your weekend in style. Take heart if you spend the weekend alone also, we are in this fight together hehehe


Crispaus Onkoba
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