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By Crispaus Onkoba | Fri 02 Sep, 2016 10:55
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It has been an open season at the National 7s circuit, which has been a long time coming, I cannot recall the last time we had three different cup winners in the opening three legs. 

The impressive stats collection and a wider coverage, viewership of the games- thanks to Zuku and K24 Tv, the game is more at home and able stats on players, teams performance alike, are out of the unexplored foray.

The fourth leg, Dala 7s, takes place this weekend at the lake side city of Kisumu, an action packed three days- four for Division 2 teams, full of Rugby, Sun and fish! That sums up our first weekend of September as rugby enthusiasts. Back in round two, if you were kind enough to go through my blog post, I did quite an impressive score with the Kabeberi 7s watch list, there might have been a few flaws on the results after the games, but I know you chaps are humane and would understand.

To err is to man

Moving on…

It has been a while since I featured a guest and this week I am ‘shaking things up’ a pence more.

Joining my esteemed line of guests at my ‘sideline bench’ is probably (well, arguably) your favorite chap at the rugby venues. You don’t have to know him, to like/love him, but anytime he directs his tool of trade at you, you sure curve a candid charmed smile.He is the chap that has you tagged to your browser, flipping things around to see if you have ‘one’ done professionally, to throw around your Instagram and profiles with subtle captions and exquisite tags.


Credits to him too, for distinct pictures that end up as funniest of memes we see after every tourney. These chaps are a taciturn funny lot.

The Mid-Ego thoughts

Applause & drum rolls for Mid-Ego Photography’s finest, Eric ‘Chichi’ Onchiri  as he takes us through the sevens circuit, the past three legs , a tale or two on his fad for rugby photos and what he makes of Dala Sevens.


Eric ‘Chichi’ Onchiri, mtu wa picha!

Here is what he had to say;

TB: You obviously cover many events and themes what’s unique about rugby photography in your profession?

Eric: When it comes to sports photography, every photographer has his own favorite sport. For me I just love rugby in so many ways, the anticipation, energy, action and the atmosphere that comes with it. The hand-offs, tackles, tries, side steps are some of the things that makes it unique in shooting the sport.

Three legs already played in the National 7s circuit, three different winners, what do you make of the 2016 season compared to last years’ (2015)?

The sevens circuit so far is competitive and I love the spirit of competition it instills in our teams. Seeing different teams stepping up and exchanging places at the podium shows the level of competition in the game has really grown. The most exciting thing about this season is the how most of the teams believe in the younger generation of players. The likes of Menengai Oilers, Blak blad, Daystar, Impala, Western bulls and Mwamba who have featured players who have played for the first time in the seven circuit.

The National 7s circuit has five stops this year; Nairobi twice, Nakuru , Kisumu and Mombasa with the addition of Nanyuki, what town sums up as your favorite?

Mombasa – it’s always that time of the year whereby I usually get the chance to tour the coastal side of Kenya. Last year I visited the south coast area to explore the beaches on that side. This year I was briefly attended the Mombasa festival which was taking place along Mama Ngina Streeet. The rugby pundits usually call this leg…Tuwaa ya Ubaba

Do you have that one or two or three memorable rugby fixture that was/is most thrilling you ever watched?

The Kenya Simba fifteens match against Uganda in the Africa Cup tier 1A (that doubled up as the second leg of the Elgon cup) is the ‘one’… it was a very thrilling encounter to watch.

What team do you vouch for to take the overall cup at the end of the six legs? Why?

By the look of things, Homeboyz have what it takes to claim the overall trophy. However anything can happen in the remaining legs with the inclusion of experienced players in some of the clubs.

Your pictures are widely used in media platforms, and some generate the funniest of memes around, do you have a favorite meme?

*laughs away*

The Bench thinks, they must be many.

Heading to Dala 7s at Kisumu, which teams do you think: Will make it to the top four (cup semis) & Will be a probable source of upsets?

Top four finishers will be Kenya Harlequins,Kabras, Homeboyz,Impala Saracens as for the upsets I highly tip  Menengai Oilers and Blak blad

Views from the Bench

Now that we have done digested sentiments from the man himself, I head out to draft a comparison sheet for the Dala 7s , just to give that photo guy a head-t0-head on the top four finishers…

Getting into the main cup quarters I fully agree on Kenya Harlequins, Menengai Cream Homeboyz, Resolution Impala Saracens but just about a question mark on Kabras Sugar. A thing to do with the guts and ‘its feelings’, for their slot I would be jilted not to see KCB at the semis.

kabras dala

Kabras’ Choke slums better not happen in Dala, lol. 

On the matter to d with up sets Blak blad is a good pick, from a different view I guess they have out grown the ‘minnows in division 1’ tag… I would choose the not-so-lucky Western Bulls instead. Menengai Oilers are just the perfect up-setters.

Now that we have cast our stones on Dala Sevens, how about we sort out hizotravelling plans… I mean, its Wadhi Dala, after all they also have sandy lake side beaches.


Crispaus Onkoba
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